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Auxitel's headquarters are in the industrial area of San Fernando de Henares, in Madrid, where we have 2,400 m2 of shop floor, 600 m2 of warehouses and 600 m2 of offices. The company also has a branch in Seville.

The company also has a centre in Bucharest (Romania), with 1,200 m2 of shop floor dedicated to production, 200 m2 of warehouses and 200 m2 of offices. This branch will enable us to cover the European market and provide better prices to our clients in Spain.

We have recently opened a new site in São Paulo (Brazil), with 700 m2 dedicated to production and 100 m2 of offices. This new development will enable us to cover the South American market and provide our services to the branch offices that our major clients have in Latin America.
Central Factory and Offices
Sierra de Guadarrama, 41D - 28830
San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)
Tel.: 91 676 73 13 y 91 676 74 62
Fax: 91 677 24 64
South Area Branch
C/ ArtesanĂ­a 25, Nave 6.
41927 Mairena de Aljarafe (Sevilla)
Tel.: +34 648 970 489 +34 954 180 152
Factory and Offices in Romania
Auxitel Conect, S.R.L
Str Drumul intre Tarlale Nr 42
Corp B depozit Nr 6B bis
Sector 3 - Bucuresti
Cod. Postal: 032982
Tel.: +40 213 451 684
Fax: +40 213 451 688
Factory and Offices in Brazil
Avenida Jaraguá, 570.
Bairro Aparecidinha
CEP 18087-380
São Paulo
Tel.: + 55 15 3325-2516
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